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Known to Police – our struggle

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Last night I attended Known to Police the production of Nomanzland at Young People’s Theatre.

This community theatre group working in my community, Jane-Finch, usually does not occupy a traditional stage. It is usually community groups that get to see their skits.

But here they put on a full scale production.

And it

It shows the struggles of a community in a working class area of Toronto against violence, the police and the world.

It is a moving spectacle.

OK, this is community theatre. Do not expect clearly enunciated words coming out of Stratford trained actors. But you cannot help to be taken away by the story, the monologues and the ensemble pieces.

One thing that impressed me was that our local Save Our School campaign that stoped the TDSB from closing Shoreham Public School, was mentioned as an example of local resistance.

The whole piece started with a community meeting using the whole audience as the community mirroring the ARC meeting that we shut down.

Our action then not only kept a community school open, it inspired other movements.

Now that is satisfying.

Resisting a school closure can help in resisting all the austarity that is so popular among the plutocrats in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the world.

Projections of the Arab Spring during the production showed that the actors, who wrote the piece, understand there connection to struggles world wide, from Montreal to Cairo.

So keep fighting school closures.

It ain’t just about schools.


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